5 Romantic Playa del Carmen Activities for Couples
Romantic Playa del Carmen activities for couples

This one’s for you, lover.

These top five Playa del Carmen activities for couples to spice up the romance are great options for those looking for that extra something special to celebrate each other.

You see, there are so many things to do in Playa del Carmen that it can be difficult to decide what to do, much less decipher all of the often contradictory information.

But for couples?

Information is even more scarce.

That’s where we come in: to help you inspire the desire with the one you love and cherish.

The 5 Best Playa del Carmen Activities for Couples

Rauxa Theater Tulum

Although Playa del Carmen nightlife has increasingly become the focal point of the town’s tourist scene, there’s still a lot of great things to do as a couple.

The trick is knowing how to pamper and perhaps even surprising your partner with what he/she would truly love to do while on vacation.

Of course, there are different tastes and lifestyles, and what may be appealing to one might not be the cup of tea for the other.

Here are our suggestions.

#1 Arrange a Photo Session with Del Sol Photography

Del Sol Photography Playa del Carmen photo session
Photo credit: Del Sol Photography

Selfies can work on the right occasion, but if you’re looking to capture that special moment together then take our advice and set up an appointment with the experts. The beautiful people at Del Sol Photography are masters of their craft and are mesmerizing storytellers through pictures. Plus, they just so happen to specialize in romantic occasions and know all the best locations to give you and your partner the gift of a lifetime.

#2 Enjoy a Romantic Mexican Dinner

Axiote Playa del Carmen restaurant

There are more great Playa del Carmen restaurants than you can imagine, many of which are even ranked on TripAdvisor. But while we’re on the topic of love, Axiote is for lovers. Pronounced ash-ee-otey, this rustic Mexican restaurant is a foodies haven whose mission is to create delicious, authentic, and quality Mexican cuisine. Axiote locally sources all products and only serves top rate and often lesser known wines and craft brews. Once a month, the restaurant invites a special chef from elsewhere in Mexico to pamper his guests with the most innovative and incredible Mexican cuisine you are likely to find just about anywhere. Hecho en México. 100%.

#3 Visit Chichen Itza by Plane

Chichen Itza tour Playa del Carmen

The Fly Playa Chichen Itza tour combines spectacular views with the fascinating history of the ancient Maya on a scenic flight and guided tour of these amazing Mayan ruins. By leaving early in the morning, you’ll also have the advantage that you can arrive at this UNESCO World Heritage Site long before the bussed-in crowds of tourist arrive at the height of the midday heat. And while you up in the heavens, you might just want to surprise your loved one with a special treat. Let us know if you need ideas!

#4 Combine a Day of Spa & Temazcal

Temazcal Playa del Carmen

You’ve worked hard and long to get to this point. Now, you’re going on a Playa del Carmen vacation to wind down and get away from it all. A day of spa and temazcal is a great way to start off your trip in the most relaxing way you can imagine. In the afternoon, go for a soothing couples’ massage and pamper yourself by letting the stress of everyday life be slowly massaged out of your body. Then, take in some hot vapor at a temazcal or Mayan sweat lodge. By the time you’re done, all the tension will have already left your body.

#5 Experience Rauxa Theater & Dinner Show

All our lives we’re taught and told to do what’s right; to be measured, to be responsible, and to always be logical in our actions. But like every ying has its yang, so to do we all have our wild side. In the Catalunya region of Spain this lustful, uninhibited and unrestrained self is called rauxa. In the Riviera Maya, this tantalizing concept can be experienced nightly at the Catalonia Tulum hotel whose Rauxa Theater entertains guests with a spectacular vaudeville-like dinner show that is as delicious as it is exciting. Need we say adults only?

Looking for more ideas on things to do in the Riviera Maya?

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